Friday, 4 January 2013

Britain isn't broken... its smashed to pieces - my view of 2013

Well Its the 4th day into 2013.... and to be perfectly frank... I'm not impressed.

Fact is I'm a little pissed off to say the least.
And whats more some one has upset my youngest Lloyd who is severely autistic and very sensitive, by stealing his CCTV camera we bought him for Christmas so he could watch the birds and other wildlife in the garden without going out in the cold and scaring them away (he gets a bit loud when excited).

As I get older I come to realize that there's always some one who will upset you for whatever reason, but to steal something from a child is in my view the sickest of the sick.... and yes I know the thief who stole the camera lives close by and knows everything in our garden is for my autistic kids.... so I know that he has done this more out of spite than for the need to feed himself or his possible drug habbit.

Then there's the bloke ( down the road ) who thinks " Hey you left it outside, you deserve to get it nicked"... Oh I suppose we should remember that when someone steals your car from outside your home......after all you left it outside !

I don't know if its me or what...even if the thief was caught and put before the courts, he would walk away with a piddling little fine that would never be paid, no compensation for loss or damage.... nor an apology.

What the hell is happening to our country? Is this progress? Is this really the way forward? where we must give way to the criminal element in society because we have no solution to deal with it due to overfull prisons, remand centers and Do-gooders.

Our police force is that overstretched its on the verge of collapse, so to expect a response within 3 days is not realistic, in the meantime the thief carries on sneaking around gardens at night to steal anything that will earn him his fix... whether it be drugs or just adrenalin.

So what is government going to do about our police forces? first thy cut back... then they cut back a bit more... crime is on the increase... but they cut back even more, then they try to merge forces together to make it more efficient... and yes.. they cut back till you have a police force that is as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Government tells us that crime is decreasing..... yes according to UK government figures there is less crime now than 5 years actual fact reported crime is down... not the same thing is it?

So crime is up policing is down, benefit cuts to the unemployed and disabled will lead to more crime that will become fact as the government have said as much themselves.

Poverty will increase by 30% in England and Wales in the next 12 months, More and more people will become homeless as the cuts take serious effect on the poorest.
Immigration must be halted for the foreseeable future or this country will go into meltdown.
It's OK government saying it won't happen... it already is.

Our ability to feed cloth and keep ourselves clean are slowly draining away, even with record rainfalls our reservoirs are still not full and if we get a hot dry summer this year there will be hose pipe bans over most of the UK.... all because of the obsession to fill the country with skilled workers that do not exist.

Building regulations are being changed as well this year... but nobody knows what the rules they are openly planning to build houses on flood planes renowned for serious flooding, where Insurance companies are refusing to insure... cant say I blame them for that.

Benefits some cannot live without them while others abuse them.
Itinerant bogus claimants are the main cause of benefit fraud on a large scale. often found working while claiming multiple benefits, including DLA... they need stopping, have done for years... and what does our government do?

It persecutes all unemployed and disabled people instead of dealing with the problem at the root cause.
It wrongly assumes all unemployed want the money but don't want the work and they wrongly assume all disabled people are fraudsters who really are the scum of the earth.

But it's ok for MP's to steal from the state without prosecution to deliberately lie to the people who elected them, or not as the case may be. to conduct dicey deals with private companies, to recieve payments for favours (bribery) the corruption is disgraceful.

Britain isn't broken... its smashed to pieces


  1. Well written. If there is anything I can do, it will be a pleasure

    1. Thank you for your comment I'm not much of a writer but I do look at what I write sometimes and wonder if it's OK.. I have no qualifications and try to write as I speak. thank you for the offer. regards Peter.