Monday, 20 August 2012

Coucil versus Private who has more "Human Rights"

Is it me or am I imagining that our noisy neighbours can and do get away with anything they wish... annoying fellow neighbours with throwing rubbish in there garden deliberately, playing excessively loud music at all hours of the night, if there children are challenged even in the nicest way they are met with a mouthful of abuse and threats... the list goes on regardless of police warnings.

There next door neighbour who was old and a diabetes sufferer tried talking with them... but they ignored her ... she suffered countless sleepless nights because of the constant noise and although she reported the constant abuse the police and local council took no action.... sadly she was taken to hospital where she died and although her abusive neighbours cannot be blamed for her death, they did not help the situation with there constant abuse, and showed no remorse on the day/night of the funeral by throwing a party till the sun came up leaving her only daughter to suffer the same abuse.

The police were called, the local council said they were powerless without evidence, so the daughter had good quality cctv installed.... but still nothing done... the abuse goes on, the council installed noise monitors... and as is the law informed the offenders of the dates the monitoring would be carried out.... and to no surprise... the noise and abuse stopped.... then started again after the removal of the recording equipment.

The council wrote to the owner of the property in an effort to get the matter sorted....but there's a problem with that... in the fact that the owner of the property is the brother of the the tenant... the house was originally a council house bought by him.
The tenant family in question are on benefits, how then can they afford to own a static caravan in a popular coastal location with  the prices of increasing ground rent and maintenance ? 

Something is not right here but as always no one is listening... and those that are, are amazed at the lax way in which this has been handled. 
Is it really that no one is listening... or is it that cutbacks mean that there's less money to deal with this type of deliberate crime?
Because of the length of time this has been going on, the present cuts have no baring on this so that's easy to dismiss, which leads me to my asking my local council why no forward movement on this ?

Today I got the answer... wait for it.... "Human Rights" .... what does that mean? 
Apparently they have the right to do as they want because its private property providing it does not break any criminal law.

So constant abuse is legal because its carried out on private property ?
Leaving your dog outside all night in the rain barking its head off trying to get its owners attention who was heard to tell the dog to "shut the fuck up" before going back inside without the dog.
I called the police... they sympathised but were powerless to do anything... its the law... civil they said.

Just after 6.30 this morning my youngest autistic son was complaining of a headache... "because of the loud barking dog" he said... I knew he had been awake since around 3am ..the barking was now continuous... and against police advice I hammered on there front door... no reply... but the blinds on the front window gave a telltale twitch that said they knew I was not a happy bunny...hence to say a few minutes later the dog stopped barking as it was let back into the dry warm house... peace at last... until the next episode...

So where do we go with this ? I am not fortunate enough to take out a private action I only wish I was then maby we would feel safer in our beds... and be able to get a peaceful night sleep without interuptions... or do my or my childrens or my neighbours "Human rights" not go that far... as council tenants we have less rights than non council tenants... if that's not true then we need action now before something serious happens... but neither I nor my neighbours expect little respite in the meanwhile, the swearing kids,the barking dog tethered outside with no shelter,the excessively loud music, revving cars morning, afternoon and night... frustration is not the word... more like desperation.

Names and places have been withheld so as not to invite any retaliation.


  1. If the dog is left tethered outside at night in cold weather (with no access to food or water) then it may be an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. If so it may be worth talking to the RSPCA.

  2. Hello Chris Allen. yes you are right. The RSPCA were called and they came to investigate. no prosecution as they handed the dog over to them. Its a little quieter now after other local residents took there own action.
    We still get noise during the day, and that's ok by me and my neighbours. as long as they let people sleep and get there rest we are happy. we dont want to stop people having fun.
    Thank you for your comment. regards.