Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It's Tuesday 12th June 2012

It's Tuesday 12th June 2012....

Now its the time of day (evening) that I look forward too, the kids are in bed snoring there little heads off and I'm ready for a stiff drink... orange juice ? (my usual) Naaaa bugger this for a game of gunless soldiers... bring on the Bacardi n coke..... I do like a bit of the old Ronaldo every now and then... say what?... pint please (instructions to her who wears the trousers)... sorted.... its OK its 90% coke a cola

What a strange day... well I overslept... better than saying I slept late, but had a cracking sleep.
Then I did my usual over breakfast (strong fresh black coffee - Italian blend) and scoured through the press pages... yuk.. more garbage about the piggin' Euro... the Leveson thing...groan.....

Spent the rest of the day trying to keep the feckin' cats out of my garden... Sparrowhawks and other birds of prey I can put up with... but cats killing for the hell of it..... not in my garden !!!

Don't get me wrong, I wont hurt them, they have as much right to life as any animal.... but its not as if they are starving, or eat the birds... they don't, and that annoys me tremendously.

I can hear you thinking, buy an electronic cat scarer... you seen the price of them ?.... well worth considering in the future though... if the price comes down by £20... I might buy two.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Canon 60D digital SLR camera with full HD video... great for wildlife and a couple of good lenses (only need one more 100mm f2.8 macro true 1:1) 

Well the price was right, (under £500) and the time is moving on, so I said to hell with it and ordered it yesterday... cant wait to see how it compares to my Panasonic digital cd video camera with 1000x magnification... somehow I don't think the VCD stands a chance with quality... but I'll have to wait and see.

Watched a bit of Springwatch tonight on BBC2 brill cameras.... but better still brill wildlife and it made me think of those little birds... and bird flu... what a killer... so out I went into the garden and got the Jeyes fluid out (it kills bird flu) and I disinfected the feeders, birdtable and accesories... job sorted.... the hardest part was reeling in the hosepipe I used to wash the disinfectant away... I was out of breath so much I sat on the bench in my garden and dozed off for 15 minute......wonder i never fell off....haaahaahaa.

That's another day in the life of a soft old git I suppose... ahh well another day tomorrow, wonder what it'll bring ? nothing new or unexpected I suppose. sleep well peeps I'm off to me bed soon I'm knackered !

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