Thursday, 31 May 2012

Am I getting old ?

Now then... I'm getting on a little I know and my old legs cannot walk that far these days and on the rare occasion when I do get out and get to walk more than a few yards... I find I'm out of breath and my legs are aching like hell... " you need a little chair love" says the wife who's trying to stop me from falling over....  " "something foldable nice and light to carry" she said.
I suddenly remembered the little folding fishing seat I had when I was a much younger bloke, it was made of solid steel rod that crossed over with a piece of canvas as a seat... I described it to her and today she tells me she has found one......nice for when I get out and need a seat to rest my legs... "there's only one problem" she says... I wait in anticipation .... "Its fabric is that of a brightly coloured deckchair".

Now me liking to get out and about to get to places not too difficult to reach without hurting myself is great... but the thought of brightly covered seats might not be welcome by some wildlife, and may deter them from showing themselves... just a though ... "Just think" quips the wife " it will be like going to the seaside".... last time  I remember going to the seaside I got shit on by just about every bird there.... No taa.!!!

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