Monday, 28 May 2012

Feckin' Council

Grrrrrr.... don't you hate it after 3 hours of waiting on the end of a phone trying to get through to someone who's supposed to be there but feckin' isn't ?
I'm talking about the feckin' repairs manager in the council who sent a bloke to replace an air vent but instead he replaced an air vent over a bathroom exhaust fan that is now unusable because of the fire risk due to the overheating fan, the original air vent remains unrepaired .

Now trying to get the manager is not an easy task at the best of times... but a council manager is nigh on feckin' impossible... I mean its not as if he never promised to phone me with a new date to come re repair the original repair and the exhaust for my bathroom that we can no longer use....

Can I speak to him by appointment ? can I buggery.... but I can write to him via the council.... and if I'm lucky... I might get a feckin' reply..... Grrrrrr.... Feckin' Council.

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