Monday, 20 January 2014

Now there's a funny thing

Now there's a funny thing... Lloyd my youngest age 13 was reminiscing over his homework dodges being severely autistic he maintains that if its work you cannot do it at home.. because you go out to work.. not home.. I see his point.
While still at primary school he just did not do homework... these are reasons he gave teachers and staff :

1. He left it at Gala Bingo who gave it to the winner of the first game.. and the winner was so happy she emigrated to Australia and it was then eaten by a lost Giraffe.

2. It was eaten by a bookworm who was eaten by a blackbird that was eaten by a cat that was eaten by dog that was eaten by a Lion that was out looking for supper after the staff at Chester zoo left the gates open

3. It was in my desk.. but a hungry mouse chewed it up to make a nest, but because he was hungry he ate it.

4. Dinosaurs are reading it coz it's funny.

5. I was out having a drive in Dad's Delorean and forgot it was in the glove box.. then  dad took it back in time.. 100,000 years crashed the car and the glove box opened and it was lost in a prehistoric bog.

6. You never gave me any.. honest miss (with stone face)

7. You gave it to the other Lloyd... he's not in today.

8. Gilbert (his favourite bear) hid it and wont tell where it is.

9. It got lost in space after a stray meteor sucked it out of the atmosphere.

10. Gilbert (that bear again) took it for his relatives in Al bear ta so they could learn to read and be clever like him.

11. It was stolen by homework thieves.

12. It rained on it and it dissolved.

13 I accidentally spilled invisible ink on it and cant find it.

14. Dad used it to make paper planes.

15. I was outside in the garden about to start it when a Magpie came and stole it straight out of my hand.

16. Mum put it in the wash by mistake.. and when it came out it was blank.. so Mum threw it away.

17. Aliens took it, they thought it might be secret intelligence.

18. I am not the Lloyd you are looking for.

19. Ohh Gilbert.. you naughty bear.

20. Did you know there is such a thing as a homework monster?.. ask him not me.

All I can say is Lloydy.. keep your sense of humour son... still makes me laugh .

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